Doll & Story Making Workshop: Make your own Ginny!
Doll & Story Making Workshop: Make your own Ginny!
  • Doll & Story Making Workshop: Make your own Ginny!
  • Doll & Story Making Workshop: Make your own Ginny!
Doll & Story Making Workshop: Make your own Ginny!
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Mar 28, 2023,
4:30 AM - 6:00 AM
This is a virtual event. The link to join the event will be shared with you.
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We are back with our "Doll & Story Making workshop - Make your own Ginny!". Make your own Ginny workshops are super fun and bring the idea of diversity in conversations very easily with children.

Who is Ginny?

8 yr old Ginny is a busy girl! She is fun-loving and curious.

Ginny was born with many physical challenges. She has a radial club hand. She manages with nine fingers. She needs to wear thick heavy spectacles to see well. Ginny needs to wear a brace to support her wrist. As a doll and a lead character in stories, Ginny was introduced as a 4 yr old in 2019 by Ginny's Planet.

Join us for 90 minutes of fun and creativity.

We will make Ginny (using things we find at home), weave our own stories, engage in conversations on Ginny and the diversity of human bodies, and imagine many things together!

This workshop is open to all age groups and is FREE. But registering in advance is mandatory.

Doll & Story Making Workshop

Date - 28th March

Time - 10-11:30 am IST

Mode - Online on Zoom

Language: English & Hindi Mix

FREE Workshop

Bring along for the workshop (or order the Kit for this workshop -for 1 participant)

1 small empty water bottle or can

1 Sock


Wool/Thick Thread

Marker/Sketch pen


Glue, Paper Tape

Googlee eyes (optional)

A piece of cloth (could be a handkerchief that you are willing to cut)

About Shweta: Shweta is building a world where being different is ok. She is a social entrepreneur & a social work professional. She is Ph.D. (Social Work) in resilience & has two decades of work experience in the field of disability rights & mental health. Shweta is co-founder of Ginny's Planet- a social enterprise that spreads empathy, respect for diversity, the spirit of inquiry, and inclusive practices.

Know more about Ginny's World HERE

Explore our products, workshops, and our latest storybook of 8 year old Ginny "There is something about Ginny" "Kuch alag si Ginny!"

Ginny Doll is a great trigger for conversations on diversity and also a wonderful companion for children. Explore More HERE

Don't forget to check "What Ginny Reads": HERE

It is a weekly series where we present one book every week, give you a glimpse, and tell you why it is a great book! The books covered in this series are from across India and the world. 

Ginny's Planet nurtures empathy, respect for diversity, & spirit of inquiry through workshops, dolls, stories, and responsible products. Know more: HERE

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